PICK UP & DROP OFF – $10-$15
We can pick up and drop off your wig for styling from Borough Park and Flatbush for ten dollars, or Crown Heights for fifteen.

WASH & SET – $40
We thoroughly wash your wig and style it as you want (We have a large range of styles to choose from).

A deep conditioning treatment that we suggest be done at least once every six months. This revives and smooths the hair.

CUT – $250
Have your wig cut in any style you choose! Or select from one of our pre-cut styles

UPDO – $75-$150
We can style any ‘up-do’ you want, or you can pick one from our gallery of styles.


This treatment is for that wig that just does not have a sleek and smooth enough shine.

DYE – $75



-Make caps larger
-Take in cap
-Add hair with ‘multi-top’ technique
-Add hair by filling
-Close up rips in net. Repair cap
-Add baby hair for height or for natural front
-Add lace to front (temple to temple , ear to ear)

EXTENSIONS (Wig or Hair) – $400
-Make wig fuller and/or longer
-Clip-on extensions for versatile extra length and fullness